About 45 minutes later and we were back in the hollow, My ears couldn’t be more thankful for it. If I had to listen to one more song about orion I would have thrown myself from the truck. I thanked them then went to the authority building to see a certain someone about the artifact I found.” hey raven next you want to go spelunking do try to be more careful” a feminine voice.

I looked back to see one of the fighters giving me a thumbs up before turning to leave. Something seemed strangely familiar about that voice but decided to brush it off for now. Some time later Ty and I made it to the apostle enclave.

”You sure baron will be here” Ty said, ”yes baron is a workaholic he is sure to be here” I said back. ” the apostles sure do get good living spaces look at the size of this temple” Ty said, ” I heard that they got their inspiration from shaolin temples before the great war” I said back.

One of the disciples came up to us as we made our way to the front double doors ” i’m sorry but if you are here to see someone you will have to wait outside for them” the young man said ”we are here to see barron” Ty said. ”Excuse me I will go see if apostel baron is available” he said.

After that we were left alone for a few moments before the disciple came back with baron. ” nice hair barron i like what you have done with it” I said, ” pretty snide, not only do you have the jet black and green eyes of your mom but her wit as well, sometimes I do miss my hair though” barron said. ”Now what brings you here today” I motioned for him to come a bit closer ” I found something strange on one of my expeditions”

I pulled the artifact out of my bag barron took it from my hands and examined it for a moment and examined it his expression turned from curiosity to confusion to realization ”come with me” baron said in a hushed tone. We walked in through the temple going at a casual pace that did not match barron’s tone from earlier. ”May Orion bless you” barron said as we walked past numerous disciples..

It quickly dawned on me, This sly old man doesn’t want to attract attention. Knowing that didn’t ease the knot that I had in my stomach though. Barron unlocked the door then gestured to me to follow him inside closing the door behind us. From the praying area to the ritual stones on his desk I gathered that this must be his communion hall.

”Raven what you have found is very dangerous and I’ll need to hear every detail about how and where you have found this” barron said turning to face me. I went over what I was originally after, how I fell in the hole to begin with, and everything in between leaving out no details.

After I was done with my tale I could visibly see barron breath in and out, Deeply considering his next words. ”Raven I know you will find this out eventually you are vanessa’s and david’s daughter after all but I tell you this for your own good let it go for now”. My heart felt like it skipped a beat at the mention of my deceased parents but I quickly put that feeling away.

”Barron what happened” I said, he furrowed his brow at this as though were considering kicking me out right then and there. ” The only thing you need to know for now is that there is a reason why we don’t have anything to the do with the scion”. ”Now come along I’ll escort you back outside and no more questions about the artifact” all I could do was nod my head reluctantly.

It was a quiet walk back outside and I had a lot to think about ”Do try to not fall in any more holes” barron said with one raised eyebrow and a smirk. I hit him playfully and turned to get back hoverbike damn old man.

It wasn’t much longer until I got home, Before going to my room I noticed a basket of fruit and meat on the table along with a small note ”Eat this food so you don’t starve love kade” I rolled my eyes and took the basket with me to my room.

”Your not going to leave this alone are you” Ty asked, ”you know me so well besides if this gets too bad you can stop me like you always do” I said back. ”Now come on we can save your backup”. My hands grasped the cold familiar shape of the remembrance device, It had a simple design and circle shaped hole where the titan bots sit and there memories get uploaded.

”Ty while your sitting in their can you pull up the images of the underground shelter” what followed were a few beeps then a cascade of images opened up in front of ty and myself.

I went over all of the pictures but my eyes kept trailing back to the symbol of orion a ring that wrapped itself around an entire planet or what looked like a planet. ”Ty that symbol mainly other humans and Titans know of it and worship it what do you make of it”.

” you know it’s against my better judgment humor these types of things with you but I will tell you this it would appear something happened between the humans and the scion, something bad.”

”Hmm interesting” saying more to myself then to ty.

The green light came on indicating that the backup was done ”alright ty let’s go to sleep” I turned down the light and got under the covers while ty powered down in his pod. I know the best thing to do was probably let it go but my curiosity wouldn’t do it. Dazed I awake from my fitful slumber, questions about why did Barron behave they way he did and what is he trying to hide still roam my mind.

”Ty time to get up it smells like Kade is making something” Ty comes to life albeit slowly. ” I can’t eat but I appreciate the sentiment anyway” all I do is smile at his remark as I pull myself out of bed wearing nothing but my underwear and t-shirt. We both walk well I walk down the hallway towards the kitchen. ” hey looks like someone finally gets out of bed come and sit down I’ll get it ready for you” kade says.

While kade gets things ready I make conversation with his tyton bot that he named Rina. turns out she can hold a good conversation and her voice is…..pleasant to listen to. ”One mutated squirrel and a side of fruit” kade said as sat the plate down on the table. ”You mean brown thing that should’ve stayed in the forest” I say back. ”Come on now you had this before and you even admitted that you liked it sooooo” Kade said with a smirk.

Damn him and his good memory I cut into the squirrel slowly my hunger getting the better of me. We both ate our meals in silence hearing the occasionally chatter coming from Ty and Rina. When we were both down kade took both plates and placed them in the sink to clean later. ”Did you have to work today” I ask ”not today I have a few days off from the fighters and the diplomats I think I might do some shopping at the mechant stores in town” my mouth opens and stays open longer than it should have.

”you …shopping…how is this possible” I ask raising a hand to my mouth in disbelief. ”Yeah yeah come on now even I shop for stuff besides isn’t it time for you to go to work it’s been days since you were at the guild”. ”Yeah I’m going to the shower still in disbelief” thirty minutes later I was out of the house and on my way to the scavengers guild with Ty in tow.

”Hey ty I Have two notes to send out one tell my brother he has to show me what he bought when we get back and two tell garth we are on our way and I hope he has some new (rites) ready we are ready to go out”. A few minutes later and we are at the scavengers building or buildings rather.

We arrive at the biggest of the three building parking my bike in the designated area. ”There are a lot more bikes and hover cars here” Ty says, ” people must be running low on rites” Well we are approaching the cancrataur I say back while pushing the doors open.

Sure enough there more than a half dozen people moving about moving about from various boards to the left and computer terminals to the right. We make our way to the boards all the while avoiding being trampled from the multitude of people.

”Looking for ten conductor coolants for my hoverbike paying 30 crystals, looking for two broken or intact generators paying 100 crystals bonus if both are intact”. Both were a steal I Took them both before anyone else could.

”Hey I promise everyone will get a turn there is no need to push” a familiar voice boomed. Garth and a few others stood in front a line of people waiting to get their rites approved even with three other people it still looked like a struggle. ”Okay everyone some of you line up this way we can take some of you over here” A brunette woman yelled. Waves of people wafted over to her and the four other people with her leaving an almost open path for me.

”Thanks good luck with your rites, next person come up hey ray I see your doin fine and you got rites i’m amazed you didn’t just take the darn board” taggart boomed. ”Well it didn’t cross my mind, but what about you wheres the help”. ”What you see over there is all we got for now it seems everyone is getting ready for the cancrataur rumor is it’s going to be a big one this year”.

”Why is that” I ask slightly curious ”I don’t know it just seems like something big is going to happen don’t know if its good or bad but people are gathering more on crystals just in case, here let me see those I’ll stamp them for you”. ”Maybe I’ll participate this year ” ”now that is something i would like to see you are good at what you do and you have an instinct for combat, should be easy for you to win”.

”Oh by the way i’m looking to research more about our past are one of the terminals up?” ”no you have to go the IT buildings across town ours are swamped even the ones in the back.” ”alright thanks Garth I’ll go see about them”.

”those computers will let you look at the stuff that’s available to the public but how are you going to get into the coded stuff they’ll find me immediately” Ty said, ”don’t worry I got something for that, you know that old thing dad called a cell phone I repurposed it a while ago to hack into stuff granted it’s at a novice level” ”when did you do this and where was I” ” I did it awhile ago and while you were in powered down mode backing up your memories now let’s go to I.T..

”parking over to the right for people with cars people with bikes over to the left” good thing they had signs we made our to the front doors of the main buildings like everyone. People here were actually more orderly than they were at the scavengers guild.

”Ty tell me about the I.T. Guild I don’t usually hang around here” ”the department is mainly used for data collection from the old world and we also see have some satellites that they monitor although they don’t have the functionality that they used to, they also monitor irregular radio waves and a number of other things”.

After a few minutes my eyes fell upon a man that looked like he ate sweets a little too much but also looked important. ”Hi my names mary ann I wanted to know if any of the terminals are open for use” Go down that hallway and make a left you will see terminals on the sign”. ”Thanks” Ty and I made our way down the hall and to the room where the fat man instructed ”That was one of the most lecherous look I have seen a man give you” Ty said ”I’m still trying to forget it”.

The room was actually dark when I closed the door with the terminal screen themselves being the only light source. We made our way over to the screen that said password required for entry ”The wall over here says romathoa is the password” Ty said. A few key clicks later and I was in I scrolled over to the category section religions, geometry, cities, history, languages, transcriptions then finally legacy.

None of the other options seemed to be what I needed so i clicked on legacy. I was then greeted with our recent history, culture as well information on the other races. ”Human advancement program, year 2345 human have discovered a strange element near the core of the planet which acts as not only a source of power but gives human being the ability to do things that were not possible before when put into a catalyst” the document read.

”Hey Ty I remember this from the education center apparently this new element we found gives us power when put into the murdock suit, as they studied further they found that we have small amounts of it inside us albeit not as much as the other races. ”Interesting I actually have limited knowledge about this” Ty said. After minutes of looking into more of our history and the other races I came upon the scion race.

The document read ”year 2445 a mechanical species has come upon the earth there reason for coming here is to share technology and information they don’t seem to mean us any harm quite the contrary they have considerably boosted our civilizations technological capabilities. They seemed like they wanted to help so where did the fallout happen.

I saved all i could onto the device that i brought with me ”Hey Ty looks like your going to get caught up on history when we get home” ”finally I tired of being shown up by the other tyton bots because you couldn’t be bothered to go to a terminal”.

We left the department with less people in the way than before. We arrived home later to find kade’s hover car still parked in the driveway one touch told me that he hadn’t been gone for long. No kade in the living room but there was his tyton bot bobbing up and down looking at what appears to be a document. ”Rina where’s kade” I asked ”kade is in the back practicing his martial arts training i can get him if you would like” ”no its fine Ty and I have some stuff to do now”. Ty and I went back to my room to get prepared for the upload.


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