New face

”Ty go float on top of the bed I’ll get the remembrance device and transmitter from the closet” minutes later I fished both devices plugged the transmitter up to the remembrance device then let it work its magic.

”Ty are you getting the information” ”Information is coming in clear” Ty said, ” now would you kindly pull the documents and images”.

Images of the other species, our species, earth as well as various other documents and images pulled up for me to see. The wealth of knowledge was a bit staggering even though I learned most of this in school it’s amazing to see how much there was still out there to learn.

Humans, fess, titans no scion though it’s as if humanity wanted to forget about them for some reason. ”Raven could you come here for a minute” kade called. With a groan I let my legs pull me up and carry me outdoor ”Ty close down the images for a minute” we went to the living room to see what was the commotion about.

”Raven you were a bit younger but this is amanda” a beautiful tan brunette with almond gray eyes a black blouse, blue jeans black and gray sneakers and a oval shaped face was suddenly standing in our living room. ”Hey Raven you have grown up so much” she offered her hand  which I reluctantly took . ”We are going out on the town in a about 45 minute so if you want to sit and talk you can use that time” kade said as he walked to the back room. We sat on the couch in awkward silence for a few moments.

” I see your still shy around people but you don’t have to be afraid I promise besides we already met remember” ”the hole yeah I remember that” ”so are you and my brother you know” ”o know just good friends i hope we can be friends too” oof your gonna go their aren’t you ”your a fighter right can you tell me more about the other species there is only so much you can learn in books”.

”I would love to” amanda says with a big smile over the next 45 minutes I learned even more about the titans, Apparently they are three times the size of a normal person made of mostly stone, the fess a warlike species that looked like orcs and had strange customs but not much on the scion. ”Alright I hope you two are getting along raven please don’t ask her about the murdock suit abilities that stuff is complicated amanda you ready”

kade helped her off the couch and over to the door ”I’ll be back late so your gonna have to make yourself something you can do it I believe in you” I just rolled my eyes.They both waved goodbye and headed out their door.

”Nice girl you tried to use her for information though didn’t you” Ty said ”come on I didn’t mean anything by it now come on let’s go into town and get something to eat”. The drive to the town was relaxing into we actually got into town, as we grew closer ”all hail the vicar” ”all hail the vicar” filled the air.

Even the burger joint was filled with people. With my bike parked we made our way into the place. A quick look around confirmed what I’d seen outside its as packed in here as the parking lot is out there. ”I have to admit I always liked the style of this place just look at all old decor from the old times license plates on the walls a car door from one of the old type cars and they even have a few old lounge chairs you can sit in” Ty said.

Taking a look around the place and taking in the scenery I had to agree with ty on this one the futuristic floors and walls clashed with ancient decor giving the whole place a unique look. ”Come one and all get the best burgers in town one of the only ones still made by hand eat something while watching the vicar parade”.

One of the cooks waved me over ”what will you be havin today” ”I have the brokeback burger I guess” ”alright that will be 3 crystals” the cook said. Give us about 10 minutes the cook said with a smile and disappeared into the kitchen behind him.

”Are we staying for the vicars parade” Ty asked ” I kinda don’t want to stay watch that pompous ass but I could use a distraction for a few minutes” luckily we could see the cooks actually making our food as well as everyone else’s so it provided with me with a bit of entertainment, as if 100 or so people the drinking in celebration behind me weren’t entertaining enough.

”Look there he is” someone said from outside, I grabbed my plate, a glass of water and went to sit by the window. Many were lined up across the sidewalk on both sides of the street some people in the burger place even rushed outside to get a full view.

One black fighter SUV in the front two in the back and one hover truck in the middle with one pompous ass inside. My eyes drifted lazily over the whole scene all the while I repressed the urge to grow this piece of meat at his truck. ”Careful ray your face will get stuck like that ” ty said ”this lazy bastard gets to sit up on the top city while we work down here just making it day by day I don’t like him ty”.

”I know but look at it this way you do get paid well for what you and your brother do and I see the inequality of it but with amount of power he possess there just isn’t much that can be done right now”. The parade went on while I angrily finished my food and drink. ”Let’s get out of here Ty” we made our way through the out the door and through the parking lot ”your pockets vibrating must be kade” Ty said I dug into my pockets and fished out the communicator ”no it’s the scavengers guild”.

”It’s not often that you get called to the scavengers guild unless it’s important we should probably hurry” ty said and I couldn’t agree more. We quickly made our way to the guild upon arrival a sense of relief washed over me at the sight of only a couple of cars this time. We made our way to through the parking lot and through the double doors all the while questions plague my mind the most prominent one being what could one of the mastiff want with me.

After a couple minutes of winding hallways and the sound of machines going away we made to the mastiffs office which was really just a workshop area the size of a gym on the inside. Once again we went through another set of double doors to be greeted by hugh macer one of the stony mastiffs of the guild with a smaller person beside him. ”Ahh one of brightest veterans comes to us” hugh said with a smooth voice.

”I’m sure you have heard of our mentor program” hugh said I nodded in response ”you have been selected thanks to your previous performance and ability out there in the field meet rachel she is 13 years old and you will be her mentor for the time being” my eyes drifted over to small brunette with a blue tyton bot floating beside her.

”Nice to meet you I look forward to your teaching” rachel said ”I don’t have time to babysit” I said turning around to leave ”that may be the case be we are short on talent and there is a lot that needs to found out the to keep this place running” hugh said bushy eyebrows furrowed. ”Fine” I turned to leave while motioning rachel to follow.

We made our way outside two more now in tow to the hoverbike ”well if your coming with me we might as well start with the rite’s that you have…you do have at least one don’t you” ” of course let me just open a menu” rachel said while fishing out her communicator. ”Help wanted I hacked myself out of all my vehicles level five hacking expertise is the first one and the second is hack a turret a locked down above ground also level five” rachel said, ”well let’s go then” ”just a sec i’ll call my bike around” rachel entered in a bunch of commands and her bike showed up seconds later. Maybe I can use this girl afterall.

Over the next few hours we went through both of her assignments and I had to admit her expertise put my to shame. After all that wa done and rachel was paid we rested down at a park after buying food to eat the open markets in town. The girl was odd that much was for sure she practically radiated positivity for someone her age. ” so rachel you’re good at hacking that’s more of a subdivision of scavenging what makes you want to go more out into the field” ”I like to learn and I want to see more of the world” her big blue eyes were practically shining at this point.

”The world isn’t exactly a beautiful place right now and there isn’t much to see out their you know” ”that might be true but I come from the upper city so I don’t get to see the outside much” ” its not normal for a high class kid like you to come down to the lower city I’m surprised you didn’t get robbed” she simply smiled at this ”maybe i’m just lucky” this kid a bit too naive maybe this is another reason she was assigned to me. ”Well I suppose your reasoning isn’t bad come on let me teach you how scavengers on the outside do things”.

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