Rachels POV

We all headed to the lift that would take us top side with our bikes in tow. The excitement of it all made me want to jump out of my shoes. On the way I kept taking sideways glances at my new mentor she really was beautiful long tied up black hair, oval shaped face and her blue slightly slanted eyes were a thing to look at.

Maybe I’ll grow to be as beautiful as her. ” something wrong rachel you keep glancing over here” ”nothing nothing I was just umm admiring your bike” ”oh this thing It was a older model but I fixed it up so it can run with the rest of them”. ”Maybe you could help me fix up mine someday” ” sure maybe one day” she said in a soft-spoken voice.

”Alright hop on your bike make sure your suit is secure we are going outside and into the grasslands you will mostly see small animals and mosquitoes but stick close and don’t go wandering understood” ”understood”.

As the double doors retracted when arrived at the top the air smelled different and the wind caused my hair to blow back a little. The feeling is much better down in the hollows, I always imagined it would like this but experiencing this feeling was different. Grandpa always said the hollow was like a prison and topside is where we truly belong I’m not sure if I understand what he means but maybe this is close to it.

We sped through the trees and into the open grasslands. From where I could see their was no tree in sight just grass from left to right and rolling hills. ”Enjoying the view” raven said over the rum of our hoverbikes ”yes It looks like there are still things to see up here” ”well enjoy this view because it won’t stay like this in a few minutes”.

Could something really disrupt this view, about 15 minutes later my questions were answered when the grassland started to disappear and was replaced with rocks and dirt. We sped past a sign that red authorized personnel only.

Shortly after we went just by a large mountain or should I say a few large mountains of what looked to be garbage, metal parts and a lot of other things that I didn’t even know recognize. ”Ty do a 50 kilometer scan for the parts we are looking for or anything similar” ”raven what are we doing here I the sign said authorized personnel” ”Number 1 I can read number 2 you have to be willing to bend a few rules to get what you want now follow me”.

I nodded and we walked into what seemed to be a whole new world. After a while of walking we came across a few of the items we were looking for until I worked up the courage to ask. ”Raven why is there a garbage pit all the way out here anyway it seems odd” ”the hollow doesn’t have enough room for all the things we discard such as broken technology and various other things hell the hollow barley has enough room for all of us”.

”What do you mean” ”come on kid a top city for the elite and a bottom city for the undesirables and if that isn’t enough we haven’t seen or heard from the other colonies” she said ”do you think…their still out their the other colonies” at this she turned to me furrowing her brow they are out there….they have to be besides we learned that in the education center now stand back while I pry this generator out of its socket”.

While taking a few steps back I couldn’t help to ponder how she was going to pry the thing out. It was in a old wrecked fighter truck doors were gone windows were broken a long time ago and its glossy black color lacked the shine it had before.

Next thing I notice raven picking up a metal pole and wedges it between the generator and whatever is holding it in place. With a few grunts of exertion the generator began to come out of what was holding it in place with another pull the generator is free along with bits and pieces of its holder.

”That was awesome” ”nah the suit did most of the work” raven said, ”still though it seems like your no stranger to physical effort” ”we do what we have to to survive that’s part of your job out here in the field your suit will help greatly with that but don’t overly depend on it” I nodded my head in response ” now come on we still have to get another generator and conductor coolants”.

Over the next hour or so we skimmed the junkyard with the help of our tyton bots to find the parts we needed by the time we were done it was already late in the evening and we prepared to leave. ”How are going to get this stuff back to the hollow” ”good question and here is where i teach you something else and that’s called resourcefulness I brought some steel chains in my pack and we can use the extra chains that I found to tie the generators on the side of my bike” ”so that’s why you were picking up all those chains” ”yes now doing this will of course weigh me down but hover bikes are made of the same stuff that trucks are which is steel so it will definitely hold up”.

Over the next few minutes we fitted ravens bike with the generators by running chains through small spaces on the inside of the generators and through hooks on side and back of ravens bike. When we done there was a generator on the right side, left side, and back while the conductors went into a pouch on her right hip. Then we rode back to the hollow in silence.

We crossed the grasslands into the wooded area where our home was arriving at the platform and descended down to the ground on a the same way we came up, I really do have a lot to learn. ”Thanks for teaching me today I really learned a lot” ”yeah your welcome”. After we said our goodbyes we went our separate ways. I made my to the terminals which housed the trains that would take me to the top city ” please present your badge or enter your ID number the machine read.

After scanning my badge I was on my way up to the top city. After arriving at the top station with a number of other in separate trains sagira and I made our way home ”she…was different than the people up here but I like her” sagira said ”I do too now let’s go see what grandpa is up to”

I hopped on my hoverbike on drove through the city streets and tall sleek buildings all the while wondering why the buildings seemed a bit less beautiful than I thought they were before. After a few minutes of traffic I arrived home. ”Grandpa i’m back” I said coming through the door. ” welcome home my darling how was your time in the bottom city” ”It was fine I learned from my new mentor” I said while wrapping him in a big hug he nuzzled the top of my head with his white beard ”good you can tell me all about while we eat”.

Over the next few minutes sagira and I told grandpa how the training went his warm smile did not fall even once. ”So you saw the outside huh… I admit it may not be the best place right now but there are things still worth seeing the world is bigger than the this underground city if something happens to me I want you to always remember that understand” I nodded my head and went to go take both our plates to the sink.

”Oh rachel one more thing just leave the dishes in the sank they will be easier to clean off if you leave them in water for a bit” ”alright grandpa and Thanks for the meal” I said while walking back to my room leaving grandpa in peace. ”Don’t forget your studies this will be your last year in the education center” sagira said. ”Thanks what do we have tonight” murdock suit capabilities and variations” ” can you read the passage aloud to me sagira it’s easier for me to pay attention if you do it”. Over the next two hours we did homework, the murdock suit is pretty expansive.

Scavengers and fighters get the highly armored suits but the fighters suits also came equipped with special crystals that gives them supernatural powers.

Conjurers had the power to make weapons, amour, and equipment seeming out of thin air but they are weaker then there metal counterparts, Enforcers had the power to increase the armours sturdiness and strength many times over, Manipulators have the power to manipulate the environment around them, Hybrids had more than one ability and the variations depend on your innate power type. I couldn’t wait to learn more.

”Alright rachel that’s enough for today you have a test over this tomorrow and you have to be at your best” ”alright but you better tell me more about it on our way to the education center”. After that I pulled back the covers and drifted off to sleep while sagira fitted herself into the remembrance device. ”I’ll be back rachel don’t worry” ”but dad you don’t have to go you can stay home with us” I grabbed my fathers pants legs but my grip wasn’t strong enough to hold him down ” I’ll come back like always don’t worry the fess can’t beat your old man” he tussled my hair and I feebishly swatted his hand away while my mom stood at his side in her medic uniform smiling at the both of us. ”We’ve come back before haven’t we don’t worry I’ll even make you a cake when I get back” she said.

I stood in the doorway watching mom and dad leave. ”Rachel it’s time to get up and go to school” sagira said bobbing up and down beside me. ”Okay okay I’m up” ” are you alright you look a bit pale” ”I’m fine maybe i’m just nervous is all” I said smiling slightly. I got my clothes out of my dresser and went to the shower in the hallway bathroom about 10 minutes I was out in the kitchen grabbing breakfast and my lunch out of the refrigerator luckily dinner last night serves as both.

Grandpa was already sitting at the table reading so I decided not to bother him ”goodbye grandpa” I said from the door he put down his book and waved with a smile. With that we were off to the education center. Thirty minutes and few winding roads later we arrived with a few minutes to spare. Young adults could be as far as i could see making there way to their individual classes I was still proud that I could find the cafeteria in this place. The center itself is cut into three big sections all a good distance away from each other the building to the left were lower grads and people just starting out, the middle buildings are for medium level grades the one on the right right are for the people at the high level of education or are at their final years of school.

We made our way through the classes until we got to the main class where the test is supposed to take place. ”Class stand for the morning anthem over the intercom” the teacher said. ”Hello students of the education center as you all know class tests are today and they will part of your final grade so do your best” Ms. sharon said over the intercom.

”Now prepare for the morning anthem” we all held our hands over our hearts as we prepared to repeat the words ” around the earth we unite under the same god of orion who gives us all we need so we live life the best we can” after we repeated the anthem we sat down and teacher let us begin the tests.

I picked up my school pad and began to imprint my answers. After 50 questions and 45 minutes later I along with 3 other students finished and handed over our pads to mr.wilkins. Then we went to the cafeteria. ”Look there’s the kid genius” ”please I bet she cheated to get this far I mean look at how young she is” like always I ignore the sideways glances and comments as I get my lunch and exit the cafeteria It’s not like I asked to be this smart.

” don’t listen to them your brave to make it this far” I jumped and looked to where the voice was coming from. A boy who looked a little older than me was walking beside me ”sorry i didn’t hear you come up” I said politely ”nevermind that how do you think you did on the test” the boy said waving strands of blond hair out of his eyes.

” Oh umm I think I did fine thanks for asking” the boy smiled and his green eyes seemed to get a little brighter ” that’s good the only time I’ll know how i did though is when we get the scores back oh but don’t worry about that I’ll deal with it whether my grade is good or bad be careful on your way home” I took my eyes off the boy to look at my surroundings we made out to the parking lot ”thanks I will” ”My name is nathan buy the way maybe I’ll see you around the school again sometime” He said turning to leave.

”Hmm he was nice” sagira said. I just nodded my head ”come on let’s get back home I walked back to my hoverbike and roared the engine to life. On the way home I could see shop owners hanging up decorations for cancrataur. Seeing the other kids fun along the sidewalk pointing at all the decorations help to lift my spirit more along with what nathan said earlier. Although me being brave I just couldn’t see it. I turned into the driveway my house just in time to see grandpa hanging up decorations as well ”rachel can you help me with these decorations” He said coming down the latter.

”Here put these ribbons over the bushes around the house while I finish hanging them on the front of the house”. I nodded my head and went to work. Hours later the house and everything around from the bushes to the trees were ready for cancrataur. Colorful ribbons lined the front of the house varying from blue to gold and every other color in between.

Grandpa and I stood back on the front lawn and marveld at our handiwork. ”This year is going to be a good one sir I can feel it” tedd said ” a time of celebration and fun a time where the upper city and the lower city can put their differences aside at least for a little while at least I always look forward to it” grandpa said.

”Tedd can you tell me what to expect I was young when I went to my first one so I don’t remember much” ”yes ma’am let trace through my memory banks. ”Ahh there we are according to past records the festival consists of games involving all the departments consisting of combat, racing and various other events furthermore some events consist of giving back orion for watching over us keep in mind I’m pulling from past data stores so some things might change this year. It really is exciting time and it’s only the day after tomorrow shivers were running up and down my spine. ”Come on let’s go inside and eat you can tell me how your test went over dinner. 

Thanks for reading

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