Ravens POV

”Hey Raven can you hand me those lights so I can hang them in front of the house ”I drug my legs over to the front lawn where the multi-colored lights are located, Kade gets way to into this every year but like a good sister I help him out regardless.

We didn’t have that much shrubbery to decorate the place if you count the one bush we have off to the right. ”O yeah the bush can you put some on that bush” Kade said ”but there is only one bush it’s going to look weird” ”beggars can’t be choosers ray” Kade said while hanging lights on the front of our little home.

With a sigh I walked over to the sad looking bush and placed ribbons in way that would make it look somewhat presentable. ” I wonder how rachel is doing with her decorations” Ty said ”well she lives up top so I’m sure her family has a lot of material and greenery to work with more so than us anyway”.

”perhaps or perhaps not when will you see her again anyway” Ty asked, ”I don’t know maybe during the festival” ”hey Ray what do you think of her so far” ”meh she’s alright” ”so descriptive come on doesn’t she remind you of someone just a little” ”maybe you should stop talking and float these lights up to kade before I use you for basketball” ”fine but we both know the answer to that question”. As much as I hate to admit it that wide eyed kid did resemble me only a little though.

As we were putting the finishing touches on our home my thoughts started to drift to the festival games and activities on the upper level and lower level. The one time out of the year people on the lower level could go to the upper level unrestricted by the terminals, passess and guards to stop us. It is a time of celebration but I still have a bad feeling.

”hey what’s with the face still thinking about the fess attacks” Kade said stepping off the latter, ” Yes they have been getting more bold lately” ” well I can’t deny that but they haven’t broken through before and they won’t now”

He cupped my face and gently tilted my head up to look at him, His gray eyes are calm and focused like always ”what did dad teach us even when months and days are long, life is short now come on repeat it” I did as he asked

”good now don’t worry so much dad had a lot of japanese proverbs from his past that obasan and ojisan taught him we would do well to use it ourselves now come on let’s eat I made a japanese dish this time the one okasan always used to make. I may be better at machines but he has always been better at keeping things under control.

I went in to the house and was greeted with the scent of onigiri. ”Where did you get the rice the agriculture division doesn’t just hand this out to people” I asked, ”let’s just say I have connections” he said with a smirk. We sat and ate all the onigiri that were made while talking about our childhood, The trouble that I used to get into anything really. After we were done I made my way back to my room to get some sleep feeling a little better only a little though. I rolled over and slowly opened my eyes to the blue hue from my crystal lamp.

Something felt a little different today maybe what kade did worked. I took my clothes and went to go take a shower a few minutes later I was back in my room pulling my blue long sleeve over my head and pulling my blue jeans over my waist I tied my black hair in a ponytail and took a minute to look at myself on my closet door mirror blue eyes stared back at me with a set of full lips in a flat line and slightly tanned skin.

I am ready to take on the day. I picked my floating companion out of his device ”come on ty lets get some stuff done” we went through the whole day getting gifts, fixing up the murdock suit for the games and working on the bike by the time we were done my communicator read 10:00. ”You got much more than you did last time” Ty said ”yeah well i’m trying to put away this bad feeling I have and making sure tomorrow is a good day will help with that now come on let’s sleep”.

The noise of my alarm woke from my slumber. I took a moment to look around at my surroundings no sirens, my neighbors aren’t fleeing from their homes. Turning to stand on my feet I walked to the living room window while trying not to trip over the coffee table no crashes on the roads and no blood on the cobblestone sidewalk. Everything was normal, maybe I was being a bit paranoid.

”Good morning citizens of the under city this is your vicar as you know today is the day we come together despite our differences this is a time for fellowship, games, and worship so lets come together from bottom to top”. ” your communicator is so loud” kade said causing me to jump ”baka don’t scare me like that”.

” 9:00 is a bit early for you isn’t it” he said with a smirk ” don’t take to long is the shower oh yeah and I invited amanda to come with us to the top city so before we leave we gotta wait on her”. ”I’m buzzing with excitement” I headed back to my room and got my usual clothes leather jacket, blue jeans and black shirt luckily your not required to wear anything special for the canckrataur

After about a few minutes ty and I were waiting on the couch. Kade glanced at me while buttoning up his dark blue dress shift but he better to question it. After about twelve minutes the living room door slowly creaked open and the same tall brunette walked through the door wearing a white blouse, blue jeans that hugged her legs and white and gray sneakers overall she looks ordinary but she has a calm air about hey.

”Oh hey Raven sorry to just come in like this Kade said in a message that it would be alright if I just walked in” she said showing a nervous smile. ” If kade said it’s fine then it’s fine” ”oh okay where is kade” ”I’m sure he’s fiddling with something in his room he should be out in a minute” ”oh alright I’ll just wait with you”

While I preoccupied myself with looking up data about the murdock suit out of the corner of my eye amanda kept taking a look at the various japanese decorations and artifacts we had all around the living room ” where did all these artifacts come from” Amanda asked ”dad was a collector he would go to old antique stores and buy any artifacts that seemed interesting mom wasn’t asian so she didn’t understand that much but she let him have his way”.

” oh sorry about that” she said softy ” amanda the past is the past so let’s look toward the future with this celebration” Kade said walking into the living room. ”Okay everyone tyton bots included I have our passess so we will all be able to get through the checkpoints just fine and I brought enough money for food if someone comes up short now let’s head to the upper city”.

We all piled into Kade’s hover truck and began our drive to the surface. Slowly but surely we passed all the same looking houses and cobble stoned sidewalks until we made to the terminals that would take us the surface. ”Please park your cars over to the left and right keep your keys with you” the traffic conductor said over the megaphone. We waded through the traffic to finally find a open park space. After exiting the truck we made our way to the trains that would take us to the surface. The person I assumed to be the ticket master looked at our passports and cleared us for entry. The train itself looked like the ones I saw out of the picture books I read as a child. Being in one gave me a chill making me wrap my leather jacket around me that much tighter.

Along the way we could see other people in trains similar to ours. The trains are held on steel cables that lifted us up and at a diagonal slope so the train is slanted upwards. To the left and right the gigantic cavernous walls can be seen although there isn’t much to look at anyway. As we made it to the top my anxiety subsided if only just a little by looking at the bright light.

The terminals were crowded with people rushing to go see the games and take in the festivities. ” so I assume we walk” I asked Kade ”nope I brought cab fare all we have to do is flag one down and we can pay electronically”.

We went to the edge of the terminal and Kade held up his hand high and at a angle. A few minutes later due to the other people doing the same motion we got a cab. A black and white sleek car hovered over to us with blue hover light instead of the regular red that comes out of the exhaust.

Kade and amanda went in the front black leather seats me in the back. ”Destination” the robotic voice asked I would’ve pegged for a real human voice if I didn’t know better. ”Take us to midtown bafferty way” kade said ”certainly sir”.

The A.I. drove us through the city to our destination, I couldn’t help but stare at the scenery. Tall windowed buildings stood around every corner the artificial sunlight reflecting off the glass only added to their beauty. Kids were playing with there parents and dragging them along to go to stores and random events. The cab even had to stop a few minutes to let people cross the road.

”We have arrived at midtown bafferty way thank you for using zen cab” we exited the cab and began walking through large golden double gates into what looked to be one of the festivals. From where I could see their are rides that towered over the rest of the establishment and places to eat, the aroma of food was almost intoxicating.

”Alright everyone this is a five day event so I also found us places to stay if we want and with all our money pooled together we should have enough and then some if we’re careful about how we spend it” Kade said.

”Hold on a minute how do you know so much about this place” I asked ”Amanda and I come up here sometimes to speak with the fighters department through our recent visit I have learned the layout of the city more or less” ”okay keep going we can walk and talk a the same time” By the time Kade was done with his explanation ty and rina almost tired themselves out while zooming back and forth looking games and food they couldn’t eat.

”well the city is comprised of four sections those are north south east and west right now we are in the west section the most technologically advanced part of the city and that’s only half the explanation. ”Hmm seems like I still have more to learn” ”the top city may be full of asshats but the city itself in interesting and nice to look at sometimes” I nodded in response ”now come on let’s go have fun”.

We made our way through the festival going to rides, playing games and visiting the food stands. I had to admit I didn’t think it would be this fun. Kade and Amanda didn’t manage so well on the rides when I saw almost throw up when were back on the ground I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess you would expect that from a ride called the stomach blaster.

They even had games for tyton bots which mainly consisted of them shooting at targets with non lethal ammo to win a prize. ”Go go Ty you’re almost there” I said with a wide smile ”ding ding times up” the owner said ”lets see who has the best score AAAND IT’S THE TYTON BOT WITH THE RED PAINT JOB” ty went over and claimed what looked to be a modifier chip. ”Better luck next time rina” Ty said floating past her, she just went and sulked next to kade.

”You did good what kind of chip is that” ”it’s the kind that modifies my gyros so i can fly in any direction faster than before” ”not bad we’ll have to install that when we get back” I said patting his frame. ”Did..did you just pat me” ”nope now let’s go to the main event” ”you just patted me” ”what’s that I can’t hear over the sound of the announcer calling out the main event” ”LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PLEASE COME TO THE ORSOLON STADIUM FOR THE MURDOCK SUIT GAMES” .

We made our way to a large building which I assumed to be the stadium and through one series of double doors. ”Thank you coming to the stadium if you buy a ticket and follow me I’ll lead you to your seats” the employee said.

By the time we arrived at our seat I was beginning to feel claustrophobic from all the people, looking the area help to calm my nerves though. The arena was mostly comprised of dirt, rolling hills and a few obstacles with one game setup. There was a blue flag on the right and a red flag on the left both teams are to be equipped in there murdock suits and try to steal the other teams’ flag 3 times. when one team captures a flag a new flag automatically repawns.

After walking around many people and almost stepping on a few the employee showed us our seats. I took my seat next to a small familiar looking brunette. ”Rachel ” I said hesitantly she turned her head and those big blue eyes grew just a bit wider ”Raven hey grandpa look this is my mentor” a old man with a full head of gray hair and soft brown eyes offered me a warm smile and a hand shake. ”Thank you for taking the time to teach my granddaughter” ”your welcome” I replied.

With that we sat and enjoyed the match.

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