Shadows loom

Before long the time switched from ten thirty in the morning to about six in the afternoon when the area was all but destroyed and the match game came to am end.

”That was a good match the elemental was so strong” rachel exclaimed ”yes that was a rousing time but I think it’s about time we get something to eat and head back to the house” ”aww but grandpa” Rachel whined ”now now this goes on for a few more days you will have plenty of time” this signaled unsatisfied face from rachel. She really is just a kid, but I suppose that’s not a bad thing.

”By the way mr…” ”call me Ed” he said ”okay ed do you know any good places to stay around town” he looked at all of us and crinkled his eyebrows ”don’t worry about finding a place young ones those places are expensive you you can stay at my abode with Rachel and I. Mr or rather ed led us down the stairs luckily there’s more than one flight so we didn’t get separated among the hundreds of people. He led us through a open parking lot to a very sleek but normal looking silver four door hover truck and it had enough room for all of us.

”Alright everyone climb in” Ed said Kade and Amanda took the middle, Rachel took the passenger seat and I took the very back. Once we were all in and our seat belts buckled we headed off. A little while later and we made it to ed’s house.

The house was something to look at it was brick for the most part part with upstairs and downstairs judging from the four sets of windows one of those being a large window to the bottom left that led to the living room all set behind a beautifully crafted wooden and stained glass door. The path that led up to the stairs were lined with small yellow lights that bopped up and down even the lawn is much better.

After parking in the driveway we unpacked our things and went into our new home for a little while at least. ”Ok we’re here there are five bedrooms upstairs so please take your pick oh and if you would be so kind I could use a bit of help making dinner tonight we are planning to have lasagna” ”I will” Kade and Amanda said in unison. ”Splendid well if you don’t mind I would like to get started right away so when you’ve settled in I’ll be down here getting started” we made our way up the stairs to a hallway lined with five closed doors. ”Amanda and I will take the two in the front so can you can have your pick of the one’s in the back” Kade said.

I walked down the hallway and chose a room at random what greeted me was light brown carpet unlike the other floors of the house, a hardwood desk with a laptop set up in front of a set of curtains with sunflowers on them, a bed to the right with dark brown covers and an open closet to left.

”Sorry this one is mine” Rachel said coming up behind me ”oh sorry about that…you have a nice room” ”don’t worry about it I should’ve told you ahead of time you can come in for a minute if you want to”. Walking into into the room I was able to get a full view of everything there’s a dresser beside the door almost out of view lined with photos.

”Your grandpa is nice” ”thanks he’s always been that way he’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet” ”will your parents be joining us” her eyes turned downcast ”my parents aren’t really here anymore” my eyes flicked towards the photo of a handsome blacked haired man with square features the most prominent being the jawline and brown eyes a button up dress shirt and a stunning brunette with big blue eyes with an oval shaped face and high cheekbones ”are those your parents” I asked ”yes that’s mama and papa the went to fight one day and they never came back” she’s just like me ”but I have grandpa and Sagira so I don’t get lonely”.

”So do you still go to school” I asked trying to change the subject ”yes my favorite subject is the murdock suits” ”wanna talk about murdock suits until there done down there” ”absolutely I have to warn you though I have a lot to talk about” ”it’s fine”. We really are similar.

An hour later and we were called down to eat and the aromaa is amazing to say the least. We all sat down and enjoined a good meal together. All the while my own mom and dad and our dinner table popped into my mind but those days are over now. That night I went to sleep with very little disturbance. ”raven wake up wake up” a frantic voice aid. My eyes slowly opened up to kade with a very grim expression.

”Kade what’s the matter, what happened” the fess they’ve found the hollows he said. I jumped out of bed with my clothes still on from yesterday ”come on get your things we’re going back down to the lower city”. I grabbed my things and hurried downstairs along with Kade, Rachel, Amanda, and ed were already waiting in front of the door. ”Ok everyone we are going back down so let’s load up in the car ”.

”Actually there is something of importance that I have to take care of before I join you” his settled on me ”Raven please take my granddaughter and watch over her”. ” grandpa what do you mean you have to come with us”, ”don’t worry rachel I will join you a little later but there is something that I must take car of’ please go with raven and her friends”. ”But but” at this her kneeled down and kissed on the forehead and lightly pushed her into my arms.

”Please raven watch over her for the time being your brother already gave me your information so I know where to find you”. Reluctantly I wrapped rachel with both of my arms while she struggled fiercely against me. ”RAVEN COME ON” Kade yelled I gave one last look at Ed he still had the same warm eyes even when we left him behind. We raced back to the stations that would lead us back underground all while you could hear the sirens all across the city.

”Citizens of the hollow we are under attack the fess have found our home immediate troops are to report the barracks for deployment I repeat all immediate troops are to report to the barracks” vicar lorian’s nasally voice blasted over the communicator. When we got to the terminals people were flooding into any trains they could. ”DAMN LET US THROUGH” Kade and amanda yelled they made a way through with all of us holding hands so we didn’t get separated.

All the while rachel was quiet behind me looking deep in thought. About thirty minutes later we made it back to my house and sat in the living room to think about what the vicar just said and what that means for all of us. ”So they finally found us” Amanda said with a fierce expression ”yes but from what they told me from the fighters headquarters they have not broken through and we are going to make sure they does not happen” Kade said determidly. ”This is going to affect all the departments isn’t it”.

”come on ray this way you could hang out more with all your friends at the scavengers department” Ty said. ” baka you know damn well I don’t talk to those people unless I have to. ” well I imagine we will all have a lot of work ahead us now ray don’t make that face I’m part of the diplomats and the fighters so maybe I won’t get called to fight as much”.

I turned and looked at rachel trying to distract myself and I was met with those big blue eyes” Everything will work out I’m sure of it” she said trying her best to show a determined smile and I couldn’t help but smile back at least a little . while Amanda and Kade discussed the issue further I led Rachel to my room for the time being. ”Just sit on the bed for now I told ty I would do his upgrade” ”okay” after making sure rachel was alright I made my way to the closet to get out tyton bot kit, at least that’s what I called it.

opening the medium sized puch I was greeted with the usual screwdriver, tweezers, bolts and various other little tools specifically made for tyton bots. ”Ty come here and bring the chip” I called out ”by the way raven what’s all this old looking stuff and why does your blanket have a scary face on it.

”well first all this old stuff are japanese antiques also there are old parts mixed in so be careful what you touch and second that is the face of a oni which means demon in japanese”. ”Ohh who are these people” ”thats my mom and dad they died in the war” ” sorry” she said somberly.

”Past is the past Rachel” oh okay umm I can see where you get your looks from your mom is beautiful but you have your dad’s blue eyes” ”yeah mom came from your typical white rich family while dad came from old fashioned japanese home strange thing is though neither of them held on to their parents oppressive ways while raising Kade and I” after she went back to looking at all my antiques and various trinkets.

All the while I’m questioning why I told her that when I don’t tell anyone about myself that isn’t necessary that is what dad taught me after all but this girl brings out a different side of me, I don’t know if should be worried or glad. ”Ok Ty all done lets see how they work” he quickly rose up and started flying back, forth and zigzagging in different directions that was almost hard to keep track of. ”Hey this works pretty well” ty exclaimed.

”That is pretty cool I wish I had one for sagira” rachel said ”well maybe we can go find one at the store like right now” ”really” she said questionably ”yeah right now come on” I put on my leather jacket and headed to the front door” kade eyed me from the couch ”hey goin somewhere”, ”Rachel go to my bike outside I’ll meet you out their”.

” She’s just a kid I mean she’s putting on a tough face but maybe a distraction will…I don’t know help maybe” ”it’s good that your thinking about her” Amanda said smiling. A small smile even crept up on Kades face ”ray are you actually getting attached to the little one” I felt my jaw tighten a little ”when I get back we should train so I can punch your face in” with that I turned on my heels and went out the door.

”What’s wrong” Rachel said worriedly ”it’s nothing now let’s go see what al’s shake has for sale. We drove down the black paved streets into the bustling town. ”Raven I’ve only been down here once with a guid but he didn’t tell me much would you describe the city to me ” rachel said.

”well the underground city Is split in the same four quadrants as the city up top not being as big as the city up top and it doesn’t have as many abandoned towns but still a pretty decent size instead of the many tall buildings we have more smaller buildings and department stores at least in this town as you can see we have our on artificial light and dark periods but it isn’t as bright as the one up top overall it’s just more old fashioned down here and this sits on a combination of bedrock, gravel and cobblestone sidewalks the upper and lower city is separated by very thick slabs of bedrock and titanium”.

By the time we made it I wasn’t surprised to see many more people than usual stocking up on materials, humans tend to do this when things get bad. the store sat between two other stores with a alleyway between the three of them.

The store itself had a window which you could look inside, a red neon light that said open and a gray metal door to the left of it that dlid open when we approached it. The inside consisted of various shelves that lined the walls which had various tyton bot parts ranging from different colored shells, holographic projectors, a few weapons and various other parts.

”Oh Raven what about this one it makes sagira fire lasers that can paralyze on contact” ”Interesting choice anything else” ”well there’s that hologram reflector over there” ”go get it then I’ll pay for the lasers and you pay for the hologram” .

With a smile she walked over to the rake while I took a closer look at the laser ”seems it paralyses or kills” ty said ” well at least she’s not completely naive”.

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