The world keeps spinning

”Ty, lets go” Calling out to my floating companion, I could hear his gyros spinning as he made his way over to me. ”I found this on ground”, ”Thats a grade three compactor” Ty said, ”These things are rare and worth a fortune I should be able to buy parts and much more when this is over” I Retorted. ”Let’s go back I may have a surprise for you later”. Ty just whooped and spun in circles in response to this.

After we were done scavenging the rest of the materials we made our way across the ashland and back to the hallows. It didn’t take long for us to get there as the forest where the hollows are hidden came into view.

We drove to the space where the sensors are and waited after a moment, Three sensors shot up from the ground and we were bathed with blue light. After another moment we were cleared to enter, I drove my bike onto the pad that went down into our home.

As we drove down I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things we could get with this compactor, It’s only a shame that we didn’t find more of them. ”Look ray” Ty said. I looked up to see our city in full view lights everywhere people going to and from different places. The markets selling their wares. I couldn’t wait to buy.

We eventually arrived to the bottom of the shaft and the doors opened I rode out and went straight to the builders section to go to benny’s appraisal shop . Before long we came to benny’s shop just in time to see him working outside on one of the newer model hover bikes.

 ”Benny I got something for” I said walking up to him. ”Well well well if it isn’t the little robot girl” benny said ”come on benny I chuckled lightly I got something good to show you” I said tuckling a black streak behind my ear. ”Well let’s see what you got”

That warm smile on his brown bearded face is always a warm welcome. Even when kade and I were kids he still wore that same smile. We walked to his counter and I showed him the compactor.

”Holy orion that’s a third grade, where did you find this”. Benny breathed. Ty and I killed a wilmont, His bushy furrowed eyebrows told me he was not pleased. ” I know what your thinking but wilmonts are the only ones known to have them besides the bigger creatures anyway besides dad trained me well remember”. ”hmph you have your mom’s tenacity bless her soul”.

 ”I can give you a lot for this, more than you will probably be able to handle” he said with a smirk. ”How much is a lot” I asked how about 300 crystals. My legs almost gave out good thing Ty was there to stop me so I didn’t hit the ground. 

”I know these are rare but I didn’t think they were worth that much”. ”O yeah during the war these were really popular and these were the last compactors they made” benny said. ”Maybe I should’ve paid attention in school”. Benny just chuckled at this ”stay here I’ll go get the crystals” while benny walked to the back room I stood still and marveled at the compactor. First grades were good, second grades were even better but third grades are on a different level entirely. 

Benny came back from his workshop he called it and handed me steel briefcase in a paper bag. Even in this day and age crime still existed. I waved goodbye to benny and walked back to my bike ready to go home ”ready to hear your brother give you heat about being out so late again” ty said . I grimaced at the mere thought of it.

We rode back with the crystals in tow. My house and kade’s hoverbike was already there, time for some nagging. The cold knob from the welcome touch compared to the earful my kade was going to give me.

 ”You were supposed to be back an hour ago” Kade almost yelled. He was standing up from his position on the couch. ”Now now calm down Kade you can give me a break this time” I said while pulling the tracker out of my pocket ”see the tracker is still on and blinking”. The tracker emitted a pulsing blue glow to indicate that it was still on and working. ”Yeah what about the the green light for the communicator” Kade said crossing his arms in front of his muscled chest.

At that I quickly put the tracker back into my pocket ”Fine I’ll give you some slack this time but that tracker serves two functions not just one, so how did your scavenge go” kade relaxed as I told him about how I killed the beast and what I found inside, His eyebrow raised in surprise. ”Good thing dad and I taught you how to fight” kade said with a chuckle. ” now whatever you do please don’t go back outside it’s really late”, I nodded my head albeit reluctantly.

On the way to my room I started to slip out of my clothes and down to only my underwear I was home so what did it matter. ”Kade have janice put my clothes in the basket for later” I called down the hall before closing my door. ”good thing kade’s tyton had housekeeping peripherals”. Moments later I was in a full black shirt and underwear instead of the gray shirt  and black pants I was wearing prior. 

”Ty do you remember when I first built you” I asked. ”Yes you were six years old, Mom and dad were so proud why do you ask” ”no reason just recalling old memories come I’ll get your remembrance so you can do a backup”  After fitting ty into his device I collapsed onto my bed fatigue finally getting the better of me.

Light came from my crystal hanging in the air woke me from my slumber. I gathered my clothes and went to take a bath in the washing pool in the backyard. In and out in a few minutes then I was on my way to the market. Good thing the builders store was just around the corner from us. Bargain bin parts wouldn’t cut it this time.

The door jingingeld as I walked into ALs workshop. The board was lined with different parts ranging from Shells for tytan bots to Murdock armour that are standard issue armour on excursions. The shiney new gyro spinner was practically calling for me to go buy it and I couldn’t resist. I grabbed it bought it and we were out the door in less than five minutes. 

”Ty send this message to my worried brother going out be back in two hours or so” then ty and I were on my hoverbike and headed to the elevator that would take us to the surface. I needed to be careful fighter territory was no joke but with the rumors that I heard it is difficult for me to pass this chance up.

  My foot tapped restlessly on the way up. The engine roared to life as my hoverbike zoomed through the thick trees and canopy to my destination. The world really has turned for the worse after the war between the species But I have to admit though with the new editions to the landscape and the sky the world still looks beautiful possibly more so with purple grounded areas.  

A few more minutes and the fighters signature flag came into view, the symbol of orion, our supposed god. I zoomed past it and parked my hoverbike from here on its on foot. A few minutes of walking and I could begin to see tracks from the fighters. Best for me to veer off but still keep them in sight. ”Plasma rounds straight ahead” said ty that was my queue to veer more to the left of the tracks so I can avoid all the heavy fighting.

 Lucky for me there were some more trees to cover my approach as I crept the small forest to the left of the fighters battle location. Explosions and gunfire were all i heard as i made my way through the brush of trees. The fighters were fighting hard in the open area to my right, I would help them but that’s not my job.

 ‘Wrecked vehicle shot five paces ahead” ty said. We finally found what i wanted to get out of here, This would help to upgrade my suit capabilities three fold. To bad it’s mainly found in our enemies technology and even they don’t know its capabilities how sad but there loss is my gain. Still crounched I made my way over to the overturned vehicle wreckage were the component was located the fighters really did a number on these things. My hand stretched out to inspect the wreckage further until i felt the ground start to give way under my feet. 

The component did not look like much by itself but if you know where to put it you can put it to great use. Then I looked up at the gaping hole with nothing really to climb on it was going to be tough to get out. ”Ty put out a beacon” he beeped in response, at least the fighters would know where to find me. Until then though it’s time to explore.

”Things are too hard to make out I’m turning on the light” Ty said and I couldn’t disagree with him. Almost of everything was a as clear as day as soon as ty put out the light, good thing I sprung for that military grade light for him.

The corridor that we were going down seemed to go about 30 feet ahead and their were different paths that went left and right. Its like were in some underground complex, I had to admit the only sounds echoing through this place were the humming of ty’s gyro spinner and my boots and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

We reached the end of the corridor to find that it spread out into what looked like a lunch room,.empty tables and plates lined the floors. What made it worse is this place looked like it was made by humans.

I had heard some colonies went dark years back but didn’t know exactly which ones. ”Movement detected west” ty said and my head snapped to the right in response, it didn’t bother to hide too much. The fess never really try to hide but since this one was a little smaller than the rest it would be best for it to try for surprise attacks.

It let out a roar and charged at me but ty’s auto turrets were faster and shot it in the leg. The creature stumbled onto the ground and in one fluid motion I was on it stabbing in the neck. In one final act of defiance it groped my face with its clawed hand but I didn’t care seeing how it was going to be dead in a few seconds. It’s hand dropped from my face and onto the ground. 

Dad was right the fess look much like the orcs he used to read me from those fantasy books when I was young. I got up from my dead foe and took another look around until my eyes fell on something that shouldn’t be possible, a symbol of orion. The dirt and sand shifted beneath my feet as I made my way around the area I was in.

The only light we had came from my suits light and the light Ty emitted from his round face. Old and torn clothes laying on the ground leading to a another room. Bookshelves, old books and desks littered the floor indicating this room as a classroom. At least in used to be. I made my farther into the facility marveling at what was left behind, questions plaguing my mind. 

(clank) I looked down and something quite out of place, ”Hey ty isn’t this scion technology” I asked. ”Yes although I don’t know what it’s doing here” Ty said. We both looked up a door that read holding facility, Of course we all have our laws. I separated the doors surprised at how easily they gave way. 

We made our down the corridor looking from left to right at all the holding cells. After about ten minutes we came to a door marked with unfamiliar language ”Ty what’s this say” I asked. ”I’m not to sure but I think the first bit says conversion here I’ll copy it for translation later”, ”alright cool lets open” I said back. ”Seriously we find some odd door in a run down dirty place with technology we rarely want to come across and you want to open it” Ty said.

”You worry too much besides discovery sometimes require sacrifice” I retorted while My legs buckled a little from the exertion. The warlock suit allowed me to do things we couldn’t do before, slowly but surely the door gave way. 

My hair on the back of my neck stood end and a sense of unease washed over at what I found inside. More of the small capsules littered the ground on the inside as well as rows lined with tubes big enough to fit a person into, There must have been hundreds of them. 

”Hey ray I don’t like this let’s go back to the surface” Ty said, I couldn’t disagree with him. Before we left I grabbed a few more of the tubes and shoved them in my pouch then we began to make our way out much faster than when we came in. We came up to the broken wood and smashed vehicle that came down with it to see about thee fighters hovering down using their suits.

”We followed the signal and came down are you alright” one of the fighters asked, ”Yeah just fell down this hole, do you think we could out of here” I said back. ” I’m more interested in what you found down here but your right take our hands we’ll lift you out of here” the feminine voice to the right said. They both took a firm grasp of my hand and I did the same then we all hovered out.

On the surface I could just make out there vehicles, Fighters sure do have a lot of money to spend to afford a T-180 cruiser the bump to my head told me that Ty already knew what I was thinking and I could already imagine what he would say ”Ray they need those bigger trucks to haul everyone around”. Nonetheless we made our way to the truck then we were off back home.